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My Life's Road: Eddie Rawk on forgiving his past

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

The story behind our recent single, My Life's Road, released February 2023. Read through for a full interview with our frontman, Eddie Rawk.

‘This is what we’re about,’ says Eddie Rawk, the band’s front man ‘we want to go into topics in country music that people don’t often tackle. We wrote a lot of beer drinking songs but these are the real stories people need to hear.’

Can you tell us what the song is about?

My Life’s Road is a song about moving on from a past that is broken. Specifically, about forgiving family: those who meant to be closest to you but often hurt you the most. The lyrics is not as specific… I didn’t want to say the words abuse or anything… it uses imagery. So it can be meaningful to anyone who has regrets in their life or has past experiences that hold them back. Many people can relate to it.

The chorus, freedom calling my name, refers to the choice to move on. For me it’s that picture of me walking hand in hand with my son into a better future.’

Obviously the song is referring to a personal story. So, what is it you’re moving on from?

‘Lots of people don’t talk about the reality of a family behind closed doors… I grew up in an abusive home, being the victim of domestic violence as a child. There was drug abuse in the family, my parents were making bad life choices. Further I experienced a lot of emotional abuse such as gaslighting from close family members. Some people in my family don’t believe my story which makes relationships hard. I battled depression on and off following my upbringing.

As an adult I chose to move on from letting it control me or hold me back from living to my full potential. I had to make some hard decisions like cutting family members off to ensure I am the best dad I could be. The second verse talks about it, Will we meet again on this road? We’ll see... I’m putting it in God’s hands.

When you have such deeply rooted pains from your childhood, it is a day to day choice you have to make. I’ve done a lot of therapy, read books, meditation – everything to keep myself right. That’s what I meant by my life’s road is narrow and straight.

The song is really cheerful though! It is really about that light in the end of the tunnel.’

When was ‘My Life’s Road’ written?

‘I wrote it in 2017 with my friend, Adrian Jackson. I was then estranged from some of my family members and he had past relationships he was working through at the time as well.’

That’s 6 years ago! How come you decided to release it now?

‘It really hits home now. Becoming a father in December 2020 made me re-think my past and its effects on me. I had to re-commit to forgiving my family but also to leaving those who have negative influence behind to protect my son. I don’t want my son in an unhealthy environment like the one I grew up in. It was hard… then I came back to this song and it was just so relatable! We used to have it on our first EP but now we are properly releasing it on all streaming platforms.

Now after doing the work, I feel free to talk about it. I've learned to forgive, let them go’

What kind of a message are you hoping to deliver through this song?

‘I hope that it encourages people to choose a better future! Live in the present and focus on what is important ­– forgiveness. The main message is to not let your past hold you back. It’s easier said than done but putting that sort of positivity out there and talking about these things is important.’

Now tell us about the video-clip.

‘A family friend who lives on a beautiful property in Whittlesea has this very long driveway and it has this very beautiful country scenery. I could really see myself walking down this long road singing the first verse and that’s when the idea was born.

Then we came up with the idea of having my son in it almost as a representation of my inner child or a younger version of myself. Having those happy family shots is about focusing on the positive future. My life’s road is littered with heartache and pain sounds quite negative on its own but the resolution is I’m moving on and I run towards that second chance in life. That’s the part we wanted to focus on: the destination you choose and not the childhood trauma you don’t get to choose.

The point of the song is to not dwell on the past and the video clip represents that. I am happy, my son is happy, I am moving on with a smile on my face.’

Addressing the topic of domestic violence in particular, My Life’s Road is a heart-felt song that attempts to reach out to anyone who feels a victim of their past.

With its cheerful melody, poetic lyric, and banjo infused tune, My Life’s Road succeeds to call for a conversation on breaking the cycle of abuse in families. It is also an inspiring example of openly discussing men’s mental health within our country music community.

My Life’s Road was released on all streaming platforms on February 10th and will be featured in Eddie Rawk Band’s debut album coming out mid 2023.

Listen to My life’s Road HERE


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