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Eddie Rawk Band is an original country-rock/pop act based in Melbourne, Australia. The lead singer Eddie Rawk brought the band together following his dream to perform on big stages and step foot in Nashville, the country capital.


Eddie have been forming original bands ever since high school. The highlights of his early bands saw him support Rose Tattoo and Electric Mary in Melbourne to sold out crowds. But it was only in 2018 when he finally chose to follow his grandad’s advice and take the risk of appearing in Tamworth at Australia’s largest country music festival. Then 30 years old and having nothing to lose, Eddie travelled to Tamworth with his grandad where they set camp for the duration of the festival. Eddie spent every day playing on Peel Street, busking, in the hope to break into the country music scene. His efforts indeed paid off. Eddie drew the attention of many listeners passing by and by the end of his stay, was discovered by the local manager and band booker, Mike Vee from Mike Vee Management.


Eddie found his first visit to Tamworth very enriching and was overwhelmed by the positive reception of his music. On his way back to Melbourne he found inspiration to write a song about his experience, which later became Eddie Rawk Band’s debut single ‘Take Me Home (Red Dirt Road)’.


The following year Eddie was invited to play at some of Tamworth’s pub stages to larger crowds. He knew it was an opportunity not to be missed and sourced out the best of Melbourne’s musicians to join him as his band. Amongst these was current bass player Ryan Di Cecco. By 2020 Eddie managed to create a kick ass band and together they performed to sold out crowds at iconic Tamworth venues such as Longyard Hotel, Southgate Inn and Imperial Brew House. The band also supported Carter and Carter and Jetty Road for two years in a row during their 'Taste of Tamworth' Tour.


Eddie Rawk Band continue to perform at various venues and festivals every year. ​Drawing inspiration from Nashville legends such as Luke Bryan and Keith Urban, Eddie Rawk Band is an attempt to breed a modern style of country music, bringing the party vibe alongside heart-felt, relatable lyrics. Lead singer, Eddie, delivers a unique personality, lighting up the dance floor with his pop-infused country sound and charisma. ​


The debut single ‘Take Me Home (Red Dirt Road)’ secured radio play right across Australia, including Australian Country Radio, PBS and Planet Country Radio. The AMRAP charts had 'Take Me Home (Red Dirt Road)' at number 2 as their most downloaded track.


The band continued to release music and perform in venues and festivals across Victoria and NSW but breaking through as musicians came not without challenges. When the COVID19 pandemic put many artists to the test, Eddie Rawk Band went through a rocky time. With a two year long lockdown in Victoria, financial hardship and shows cancelled at the last minute (including 2021 Tamworth Country Music Festival) three of the five band members could no longer commit to Eddie’s cause. The enthusiastic frontman found himself re-establishing his band while also facing the uncertainty caused by COVID19 and supporting his partner and his firstborn son, born December 2020. Eddie showed resilience like no other and continued sharing his music online through live streams including the Hats Off to Country Festival 2020.

The down time proved to be another inspiration for Eddie who wrote fifteen new songs throughout lockdown, including ‘On My way To Drunk’ written as a collaboration with Troy Kemp in Nahsville.


Eddie Rawk Band put forward their debut EP ‘My Life’s Road’ in 2020 but will be re-releasing it as a full length album in 2023. The album will include the singles ‘One Last Time’ and 'Good Times' released in 2021 and 2022 respectively.

In 2022 the band welcomed the new drummer Troy Eckhardt and guitarist Rob Moody who proved their loyalty to the love of country music at the hardest of times. Eddie Rawk Band is now stronger than ever as a four-piece and continues to pack crowds at live shows, their new original music drawing in more and more raving fans. In 2022, the band returned to play in TCMF, supported Mcalister-Kemp during their Australian tour, and entertained the Griffith Pro Rodeo.

The band most recent release is the single 'My Life's Road' (February 2023), a poetic and personal song by Eddie Rawk. With 'Memories', a story of a first love, due to follow in May 2023.

Band Members:

Eddie Rawk -Lead Vocals / Guitar

Ryan Di Cecco -Bass

Troy Eckhardt -Drums / Percussion

Rob Moody -Lead Guitar

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