A dream to play at Australia’s country music hub of Tamworth and to conquer Nashville over in the USA, was the muse that brought Eddie Rawk together. All hailing from Melbourne, the band’s lead vocalist and guitarist Eddie Rawk combined with Jono Wright on drums, Ryan Di Cecco on bass, Nathan Perry on lead guitar and David Dower on Keyboard, united to breed a modern, hard style pulse for their country, rock and pop core. Drawing true inspiration from musical icons like Bruce Springsteen and Keith Urban, its the charisma, strength and sonic tenacity of these legends that have truly engaged Eddie Rawk with their fans to this day. The band delivers their unique personality to crowds across Australia, bringing an intense ascendance to their rock-infused country sound. 

Eddie Rawk began as a three piece early 2018 and notched up a fair list of notable shows including support for Paul Costa at the Whittlesea Country Music festival and performing alongside Carter & Carter and Jetty Road at the 2018 Taste Of Tamworth Tour. 

In 2019 Eddie Rawk performed several shows at their first Tamworth Country Music Festival at iconic venues such as The Longyard Hotel and Southgate Inn. 

Their debut single ‘Take Me Home’ secured radio play right across Australia including Australian Country Radio, PBS and Planet Country Radio. The AMRAP charts also had Take Me Home at number 2 as their most downloaded track. 

After playing at Tamworth 2019, Eddie Rawk sourced the virtuosic talent of Nathan and David and expanded the band to the current five piece. They have since played at The Basin Music Festival as well as supported the Choir Boys at the iconic Corner Hotel in Melbourne and already booked dates for Tamworth Country Music Festival 2020!


Band Members:

Eddie Rawk - Lead Vocals / Guitar

Ryan Di Cecco - Bass

Jono Wright - Drums / BVs

David Dower - Keys / BVs

Nathan Perry - Guitar / BVs